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霍士 25 新聞臺 7/24/2007

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MARIA STEPHANOS:   Stage 4 cancers, fatal heart disease, even paralysis, people with all of these conditions are all flocking to on man right here in Massachusetts who they believe is a miracle worker.

史提芬諾絲 : 第四期癌症、致命心臟病,甚至全身癱瘓, 得了這些症狀的人正在成群結隊來麻省這裡,湧向一個他們認為是「奇蹟工作者」的人。

FRANK MALLICOAT:   That's right. FOX25's Debbi Rodman takes us to a therapy session unlike any you've ever seen.

馬利告第 : 對的。霍士 25 電視 臺的迪比。諾文現在讓我們觀看一個你們從未見過的治療班。

TONG REN:   Healing the Sick

銅人療法 醫治疾病

KATHARINE BALDWIN:   The cancer was comfortable in my breast. It was a place that it wanted to be.

布爾雲 : 癌腫瘤 ( 曾 ) 在我的乳房 裡 很舒服,那是一個它想存在的地方。

CRAIG BENSON:   They said it's one of these conditions that's going to get worse and worse over time and your life expectancy is probably not that long.

賓信 : 他們(西醫)說,我的病只會每況愈下,我的生存率只會愈來愈低。

DEBBI RODMAN: They are just two of thousands of people who say they should have been dead years ago.

諾文 : 他們只是數千個說他們於多年前應該已經病死的其中兩個例子。

CRAIG BENSON:   You know, pretty soon my tests started to come back better and better.

賓信 : 你知道吧 , 很快我的檢驗報告開始回復得越來越正常。

KATHARINE BALDWIN:   The cancer cells were no longer there. The tumor had gotten, according to the mammogram, smaller.

布爾雲 : 過了不久癌細胞都消失了,根據乳房 X 光檢查,腫瘤縮小了。

DEBBI RODMAN:   They owe their lives they say to one man –

諾文 : 他們都說 , 有一個人救了他們的性命。

TOM TAM: How do you feel? Warm.

譚輝 : 你的感覺怎樣?暖和。

DEBBI RODMAN:   -- and his unique healing system called “Tong Ren”

諾文 : 他獨一無二的療法叫「銅人療法」。

TOM TAM:   We open the BL6 first.

譚輝 : 首先讓我們打開 BL6 。

DEBBI RODMAN:   His name is Tom Tam, a licensed acupuncturist here in Massachusetts, whose therapy is based in part on ancient Chinese practices; the concept, to use energy to make sick people well.

諾文 : 他的名字叫做譚輝,是一名在麻省的持牌針灸師。他的療法有一部份是基於古代的中國方法:其概念是用能量來治病而使病人得到康復 。

ANITA DANIELS-GALLETTI:   The tapping of the model is a way for us to focus our intent, focus our energy to send to the patient.

加利地 : 敲打針灸模型是讓我們集中我們的意念,把能量傳送到病人的身上。

TOM TAM: Thyroid, C6, C7

譚輝 : 甲狀腺 , C6, C7 。

DEBBI RODMAN: Tom, his practitioners like ANITA DANIEL-GALLETTI, and even his patients, bang on an acupuncture training doll, marked with different energy points of the body.

諾文 : 譚輝 , 他的治療師們 , 像安妮達 。 丹尼爾 。 加利地 , 甚至和他的病人們 , 都一起敲打標有不同能量穴位的針灸模型 。

TOM TAM:   T7, L1, 2, 3.

譚輝 : T7 、 L1 、 2 、 3

ANITA DANIELS-GALLETTI:   If someone has lung cancer, he's going to be calling out the medulla because it's the cardiac-respiratory center of the brain.

加利地 : 如果有人患了肺癌,他會說「延腦區」,因為那是腦部的心臟及呼吸中樞。

DEBBI RODMAN:   The idea is together they can tap into the collective unconscious.

諾文 : 原理是當他們一起敲打針灸模型 ,可以和集體潛意識連接起來。

TOM TAM:   How do you feel now? Warm.

譚輝 : 你現在的感覺怎樣?暖和。

ANITA DANIELS-GALLETTI: With all of the practitioners healing a patient , we can tap into the pool of energy in the universe in order to make it happen.

加利地 : 當所有的治療師在治療一個病人時 ,我們可以通過敲打來和宇宙的能量場連接起來,用來達到治療效果。

DEBBI RODMAN: Tom calls this the Guinea Pig Class. It's free but people can give a 10 dollar donation at the door. The group sessions are held all over the Bay state, this one in Quincy, that's people from all over the world.

諾文 : 譚輝稱這為白老鼠班,治療班是免費的, 但參加者可以在進場或離開時捐贈 10 美元。集體治療班在 麻省許多 地方舉行,現在的班在昆西市,參加者從全世界各地而來。

DEBBI RODMAN:   They say they are sending energy through the body, opening up blockages, allowing unhealthy cells to return to their normal state.

諾文 : 他們說他們把能量傳送到患者身上,打開阻滯區,讓有病的細胞回復正常狀況 。

ANITA DANIELS-GALLETTI:    So many Stage 4 cancers, people that have been in hospice that have rebounded and are now in remission.

加利地 : 如此多 的第四期癌症病人,有些甚至己到了善終服務,都治好了,癌症受控制了。

DEBBI RODMAN:   The results are so dramatic that they have caught the attention of even this world-renowned cancer institute. Dana Farber tells FOX25 they are now doing preliminary studies on Tom Tam and his healing methods.

諾文 : 治療效果是那麼的富戲劇性,甚至引起世界知名的丹娜。法巴癌症中心的注意。 丹娜。法巴癌症中心告訴霍士 25 電視臺 , 他們正在做譚輝及其療法的初步研究 。

CRAIG BENSON:   You know, I wasn't a believer in the beginning myself until I started hearing all of these other people.

賓信 : 你知道嗎 ? 起初我自己也不相信,直至我開始聽到很多其他人的療愈個案 。

DEBBI RODMAN:   Craig Benson is a former governor of New Hampshire. A decade ago he was diagnosed with a debilitating and often lethal heart condition.

諾文 : 奇利。賓信是新罕布希爾州的前州長。十年前,他被判斷有使他十分衰弱及可以致命的心臟病。

CRAIG BENSON:   I used to have a rapidly beating heart that you could feel all the time. I feel like I don't even have a heart inside my chest. It is so calm and quiet; it's unbelievable.

賓信 : 以前我的心整天都跳得十分快。 現在我感覺不到我的胸口有心臟的存在 ,它是那麼的詳和及平靜 ­­ ──簡直不可思議!

DEBBI RODMAN:   He changed his diet and believes combining Tom's acupuncture and Tong Ren changed his life.

諾文 : 他改變了飲食習慣, 以及相信譚氏的針灸及銅人療法改變了他的生命 。

CRAIG BENSON:   People think you're a little bit different when you believe in things like this and that you're maybe not dealing with reality very well. But the fact of the matter is there's more than one way to cure problems in this world and Tom has found a way to do it.

賓信 : 有人會認為如果你相信這樣的東西,你就是有點異常,或對現實的看法出現了問題。但事實在這世界上, 醫治疾病 不是單止一個方法 - 譚輝找到了他的方法 來醫治疾病 。

DEBBI RODMAN:   Katharine Baldwin is convinced that Tong Ren healed her cancer. She's such a believer that after having part of her breast removed she went on the become a full-time practitioner.

諾文 : 嘉芙蓮。布爾雲絕對相信銅人療法治好了她的乳癌。 她是一個深信不疑者 , 當她的乳房被局部切除之後 , ,她成了一個全職的銅人療法治療師 。

KATHARINE BALDWIN:   And there were no cancer cells left. None. Not one. Zero. All gone.

布爾雲 : 所有癌細胞都不見了。一個也沒有。零個。都消失了。甚麼都沒有。

DEBBI RODMAN: You didn't have chemotherapy?

諾文 : 您沒有做化療 ?


布爾雲 : 沒有。

DEBBI RODMAN: You didn't have radiation?

諾文 : 您沒有做電療 ?


布爾雲 : ( 沒有。 )

DEBBI RODMAN:   You didn't change your diet?

諾文 : 你沒有改變你的飲食習慣?


布爾雲 : (沒有)。


諾文 : 甚麼都沒做?


布爾雲 : 沒有。

DEBBI RODMAN:   What did your doctor say then?

諾文 : 你的醫生之後怎樣說?


布爾雲 : 啞口無言。

DEBBI RODMAN:   But Tong Ren doesn't work for everybody. In fact, Tom Tam is controversial among some of his colleagues.

諾文 : 但銅人療法不是 對每個人都產生作用。其實, 譚輝在他的一些同業中成為備受爭議的人物 。

The State Board of Medicine has received complaints. Three years ago, after allegedly calling himself a master in certain methods, the Committee on Acupuncture wrote a letter of warning saying it was a violation   “to make claims of professional superiority that you cannot substantiate.”

州立的醫學委員會曾經接到以下投訴: 三年前,譚輝稱自己為某種方法的「師傅」(或譯作「大師」)。針灸委員會對譚氏發出警告的公函,指他違例冠上不能被證實的專業職稱,以使他人相信自己專業上勝人一籌 。

Tom Tam would not give us an on-camera interview because he feels critics have made unfair accusations.

譚氏不願接受我們的 攝影 訪問,他認為針對他的人們的指控是不公平的。

You know, people might say that, Well, of course they are going to come and believe because they have no other choice.

有些人可能說:當人沒有選擇餘地時, 他們就來參加及相信銅人療法 。

ANITA DANIELS-GALLETTI:   Well, it's giving people hope, you know, and hope is another thing that heals.

加利地 : 這帶給人們希望。 你要知道 , 希望是另外一樣可以引致療愈的事物 。

DEBBI RODMAN:   Some might say, though, that it's false hope.

諾文 : 但是有些人可能說, 想想看 , 那它是假的希望 。

ANITA DANIELS-GALLETTI:   Well, how can hope be false?

加利地 : 希望怎麼可以是假的呢?

TOM TAM:   Then lumbar, lumbar 1, 2, 3, 4

譚輝 : 然後是 腰椎, 腰 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 。

DEBBI RODMAN:   I'm Debbi Rodman, FOX25 News.

諾文 : 我是 迪比。諾文, 霍士 25 新聞臺。

FRANK MALLICOAT:   Tom Tam says his treatments can be used along with modern medicine.

馬利告第 : 譚輝說他的療法可以和現代藥物並用。


中文翻譯 : 林敏怡 2008年 2月

校對 : 譚輝


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美國 NBC 7 新聞臺






  Healing Hands

Reported by: Christa Delcamp
Producer: Laura Stebbins

From chronic illnesses to late stage cancers...One Massachusetts man has come up with a therapy he says can help to heal almost any ailment. 7's Christa Delcamp shows us why people are putting their faith in his "Healing Hands."

It's a room full of people with terminal illnesses and debilitating diseases.

Carol Liotta, diagnosed with liver cancer
"They pretty much gave me six months to live."

It's also a room full of hope...Hope that this Quincy man and his dolls can heal them. Acupuncturist Tom Tam came up with this practice he calls tong ren. He says, using plastic dolls and small hammers, people can tap their way to good health.

Carol Liotta, diagnosed with liver cancer
"I've been stable for almost 10 months now."

Here's how it works: Group members hold acupuncture dolls and each person announces what part of their body needs healing. That's when the group starts tapping a hammer on a specific energy point on the doll. Tam says that sends healing energy to the person who needs it.

Dr. Shaw Sprague, tong ren practitioner
"What you're doing with the doll is your focusing your mind on those specific points."

Carol Liotta of Duxbury is fighting liver cancer and was given only a short time to live. Now one year later she says she's healthy because of tong ren.

Carol Liotta, diagnosed with liver cancer
"I've been stable, I feel well, even when I get my blood work results back it's perfectly normal."

Six years ago when Rich Cronin was the lead singer for the boy band LFO he had all the energy in the world...Then he was diagnosed with leukemia.

Rich Cronin, diagnosed with leukemia
"I was all skin and bones, I had absolutely no appetite, no energy, nothing."

He says tong ren helped him survive.

Rich Cronin, diagnosed with leukemia
"Everything was improved by going to tom."

But some doctors warn there is no medical evidence proving tong ren is effective, and say using it as a replacement for established medical treatments could be dangerous.

Douglas Comeau, DO, Boston Medical Center, department of family medicine
"The danger behind that would be if a patient does go off of their medicine it could worsen their medical condition without their knowledge."

The Massachusetts Board of Medicine has issued several complaints against tam after he advertised himself a "master". The board says it is a violation to "make claims of professional superiority that you cannot substantiate." Tam did not want to be interviewed for this story. But he did tell 7News his only goal is to make people well.

Rich Cronin, diagnosed with leukemia
"At the end of the day if it makes you feel better...how can you argue with it"

Carol Liotta, diagnosed with liver cancer
"Something is working. I honestly look at life in a different way now...I think of it as a gift.