Tai Chi Dao Yin - Qi Gong Exercise by Tom Tam


This book provides a discussion of the Tai Chi Dao Yin system of Qi Gong. As with the Da Peng Gong system, this is another relatively simple Qi Gong exercise routine which is helpful for building and maintaining health. The exercise movements are described in detail and complemented with drawings. This book will allow you to learn and practice this system of Qi Gong.

(111 pages)



From the "What Is Chi?" Chapter

According to ancient Chinese philosophy everything is formed by Chi and is created from the Tao. Tao follows Tao's own way, which is called the Way of Nature. If we are in disharmony with the way of nature, then the body will follow its way out of nature. There is no good and bad, punishment or reward. When everything is balanced, the natural thing happens.


In the West we are all aware of Einstein's famous formula E=mc2, where the E is energy. However, this energy describes only physical energy. This energy can be demonstrated mathematically and thus its existence can be shown through the proper equipment. In the tradition of Chinese Medicine, Chi in our body includes physical and spiritual energy or life force. So far, the existence of this energy cannot be proven by mathematical means or any quantitiative equipment designed to measure or detect other than the human body. We live because we have Chi inside our body, and when we die the Chi is gone from our body.

From the "What Is Chi Gong?" Chapter

Simply translated, Chi is the energy of nature and the universe as well as in our body. Gong defines the technique of exercise and discipline. Chi Gong can be translated as "The exercise and practice to make the energy in nature and the universe function and balance within our bodies."

From the "How Can Chi Gong Build More Energy?" Chapter

There are two ways to increase the bio-electric power of our energy. One is to raise the voltage. Although most people believe weight lifting, running, boxing, etc. are the types of physical exercises needed in order to accomplish this, not everyone can participate in these kinds of activities. Different ages and different physical conditions require different exercises.

The other way to increase power is to decrease our body's resistance. This requires, for example, loosening our muscles. So if we want our palms to have more healing power we can tighten our muscles to raise the voltage of bio-electricity thereby lowering the resistance and making the bio-electric current higher. This can be achieved through Chi Gong.

From the "The Way for Health" Chapter

There are four ways to good health: a sensible diet, adequate exercise, attention to one's emotional state, and proper medicine. As times goes by it seems to become more and more difficult for Americans to maintain their health. Every year the budget for medical research keeps rising. We develop so many techniques and methods for treating all different diseases but the diseases and viruses are smarter than the human brain. We develop the inhaler for asthma but in ten years asthma has increased by an estimated 33%. We develop more and more chemotherapy, but each year we have 1.3 million new cases of cancer to add to the 2.5 million cancer patients in the U.S. today. We develop insulin for diabetes but we still have 15 million diabetic patients. It is estimated that ten million people have hypertension and one in three Americans will be diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetime and one third of the population is at least 20% overweight. Why do some people have illnesses and some don't? I think it is very much related to our lifestyle.

From the "Exercise" Chapter

The second way for health is exercise. We cannot just say that if we have good food then we will stay healthy. ..... We believe that exercise can help our physical problems, but the real question is: what kind of exercise can help your condition?

In the West, most people do not believe in internal exercise. They only believe in external (physical) exercise as a way to stay healthy. ..... For example, many think that if the heart is not pounding, if there is no sweating or muscle contraction then there is no gain at all. Literally, they think that you have to work out almost to death in order to "gain" from the pain. This is absolutely wrong. Although some aerobic activity may benefit the cardiovascular system, the internal arts are superior in accomplishing the same thing without straining your body. Chi Gong can help to stabilize our heart rate and develop a strong heart, as well as increase our lung capacity without any type of strain, running or jumping.

From the "Leading Chi to the Palm" Chapter

Raise the left arm to shoulder height with the palm facing the sky. The wrist is no higher than the shoulder and the elbow is slightly bent. Place the palm of the right hand two to four inches about the heart. Then, starting at the left shoulder, gently move the right hand down the length of the left arm...