Tom Tam in Brazil by Tom Tam


This book recounts Tom Tam's visit to the well known Brazilian healer "John of God." Tom is never finished with the development of his healing system and is always looking for new ways to help others. This book discusses his experience with John of God, as well as energy healing in general.

(57 pages)



From the "In the Casa de dom Inacio" Chapter

In my study of healing, I enjoy observing other healers. I never deny anyone's way, and I never want to prove another right or wrong. Of more importance is to improve myself and improve how to heal a patient in a most effective way, not to judge another healer.

I desired to visit the famous medium healer Joao Teixeira da Faria, commonly known as "John of God." A few months ago I had planned and set up my schedule for this trip. I hoped to learn something from his healing way or see what miracles he performed. The medium Joao loses consciousness when he incorporates elevated spirit entities that use his body to perform operations, treatments and cures of the physical and spiritual bodies. All who visit his center may observe and participate in the proceedings.


I continue to walk on the street. Within the darkness I can easily find the stars in the sky. I think of the souls like stars, which as the darkness becomes deeper, become clearer. Suddenly my mind becomes clear as the Dipper points to the north, "Existentialism is existence, it does not matter if it is dark or bright," my mind goes into enlightenment. "Why do I pay attention to others' souls? How about my own?" I am laughing at my confusion and complexity of mind. If I have a soul or a spirit that means there should be many souls or spirits in the universe. To believe in the soul or spirit is not superstitious. If one's spirit can have healing power or healing knowledge, can mine not do the same thing? Why not?

I am looking at the sky again. A voice sounds in my ears, "Twinkle, twinkle litte star, how I wonder what you are?" "Where is the soul?" I ask myself. "Where is mine?" I ask myself again. "Do you have a soul? Where are yours?" I ask the little twinkle stars."

From the "Meeting John of God" Chapter

Thursday, the second day John of God will give a treatment on a group of people, I sit down on the bench while everyone goes out to have their lunch, and patiently watch in detail the visible surgery videotape. The videotape shows that each patient receiving visible surgery stands on a stage while a few helpers aid John of God in his surgery. The video is mute, no English or Portuguese, just moving images. Each cut of surgery is about one-half to one inch deep, and one to three inches wide. The cut is without any anesthesia and only bleeds a little During the operation, partients exhibit no pain. It appears to be like Chinese Chi Gong and its use as anesthesia in surgery. In China, Chi Gong for anesthesia is practiced and has been proven to be effective. The first to use Chi Gong for anesthesia was Master Lin Hou Sheng. I met him in Shanghai in 1987. Lin used Chi Gong for anesthesia in the extraction of a thyroid tumor in Shanghai No. 8 People's Hospital on May 9, 1980. After that he accomplished twenty-two excellent operations with Chi Gong. The theory behind Chi Gong anesthesia is the same as acupuncture, which is it stimulates acupuncture points. Howbeit, Chi Gong and acupuncture are different techniques.

From the "In the Brasilia Airport" Chapter

"Knowing another is intelligent, yet, knowing yourself is brilliant." There are words from Lao Tzu. My first name in Chinese means "brilliant." "Do I know myself?" I question myself again. Of course I know myself. I am not brilliant. I need more proof. This is why I am standing in the Brasilia airport right now.