In 1983, I was diagnosed with cancer on the right lung. I was operated on and had a lobe removed. The recovery was extremely slow and painful. It was quite an ordeal. I had X-rays every six months thereafter.

Years later, I was referred to Tom Tam because of a second diagnosis of lung cancer. This time it was on the left lung. I saw Tom just prior to my scheduled lung operation. I didn’t have any idea about energy healing and didn’t know what to expect, but I had an open mind and hoped that Tom could help me. I told Tom that I was going to go ahead and have the scheduled operation. I felt like I wanted to get rid of the cancer as soon as possible. Tom assured me that was okay, and that he would do a healing so that I would have a better recovery and that I wouldn’t mind the operation as much as I did the first one. I was hoping Tom was right as my memories of the first operation were still with me. As Tom was doing the healing, I felt a flow of warmth and my hands began to tingle. They felt as heavy as lead and it seemed to be difficult to even lift them. I felt strangely relaxed, which was rather different from the nervousness and anxiety that I felt at the start.

After the operation, my family and friends visited me at the hospital and they expressed their complete amazement that I was looking and going so well. Several of them commented that they could not believe that I had just been operated on. There was nobody more surprised than I was. Shortly, thereafter I returned to my surgeon for my checkup. He was more astonished than anyone. He kept commenting on my amazing recovery. Before I left, he said, “I have never told this to another lung cancer patient of mine, but you are doing so well, you do not need to return for another checkup.” Again, I returned to the schedule of X-rays every six months.

In the year 2001, the routine chest X-rays showed a new tumor on the left lung, and a CAT scan was ordered. I went to see Tom Tam again and told him of the other cancer. This time, Tom asked the class to join in on the healing. Again I felt the warmth and the tingling hands, but to a much greater degree. I followed up on the requested CAT scan and when I saw the surgeon this time, there was no cancer. He said, it must have been a misdiagnosis, but I knew it was Tom and the class that healed my cancer.

I continue to see Tom about once a month, and my husband and I, also attend the weekly “Guinea Pig” classes. I am feeling very well and continue to work in my garden each day that the weather permits. I feel tremendously blessed to have been afforded the privilege of knowing Tom, Lea, and the class.


Mary Comeau

June 23, 2004


I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in August 2001. The first oncologist with whom I consulted predicted a 2-3 year life expectancy with “standard treatment.” I was told that I would not be able to return to my teaching job in September as I needed to begin preparation for a bone marrow transplant.

A month later, I became a patient at Dana-Farber, and for the next two years was treated with a combination of steroids, Thalidomide, Pamidronate, and a host of “support drugs” to control the pain and side effects of this regimen. I also had several appointments with two different acupuncturists and an herbalist, using their expertise to also help control some of the pain and side effects I was experiencing. Though my cancer was reasonably under control in the spring of 2003, I was beginning to accept the fact that I would need a transplant to improve the quality of my life.

On June 22, 2003, I met with Fr. Edward McDonough, the Catholic priest from Mission Church in Boston who is recognized as a healer. He recommended that I contact his acupuncturist, Tom Tam, who had cured his brother-in-law of Multiple Myeloma in one session. Intrigued, I set up my first appointment, and began a new life-sustaining journey. As Tom transferred Chi, used acupuncture and Tui Na, I experienced a wave of heat that traveled through my body and a healing force that infused me with energy, pain relief and a new sense of hope. Tom also convinced me to come to his Guinea Pig class the next day. Before long, my husband was taking courses to learn Tong Ren, and we were employing Tom’s techniques at home also. Within two months, and for the next seven, I was able to forgo Western medicines; and while my cancer was not cured, it did remain at very low levels. I was once again able to fully enjoy my life-working, parenting and traveling. As I now arrive at the date that the first oncologist predicted I would not live to see, I believe that the combination of Tom Tam’s techniques of energy healing, Tong Ren, acupuncture, Tui Na, long distance healing and the Western medicine that I employ is what has allowed me to embrace a more hopeful future.

Lydia Smith

July 5, 2004


Dear Tom,

I want to thank you for developing and pioneering the Tong Ren Healing System. The healing it provides to people is truly beyond word's "Simple ~ Easy!" My first contact with Tong Ren happened through very dear and longtime friends, Rick K. and Florri A. Seeking alternative healing treatment for cancer, they found both Tom Tam and Tong Ren healing only a few miles from their home at the Quincy Guinea Pig class. For anyone who lives within a fifty mile radius of the Center in Quincy, you are truly blessed.

Rick treated my allergies, via long distance telephone, I live in Colorado. I have suffered from allergies since childbirth (59 years). I can happily report that after one Tong Ren treatment, I've been pill free. It's been month's now without any medication's and any extra needed relief is only a treatment away. I can now keep up with all the symptoms using the same techniques and a little hammering on my Tong Ren doll. I am now more than able to help my own family members with their myriad of health issues.

Reading Tom's book's, attending Tom's seminar class, listening to Rick and Florri, helping at the Guinea Pig classes (Quincy & Allston) this summer, practicing at home, and asking a lot of questions, have all given me the confidence and the basic knowledge to use Tong Ren daily.

Someday, Colorado will have its own Guinea Pig Classes.

Thank you again Tom.

Best Always,

Kim Davison

August 25,2005


In April of 2005, my life-long friend Rick Kuethe called me from Boston (I live in Omaha, Ne) to tell me about a new therapy he’d been working with called Tong Ren, developed by a wonderful Chinese healer named Tom Tam. Rick knew that for years I have suffered from fibromyalgia, lumbar stenosis, and most importantly, lung cancer in May of 2003. At that time I was lucky enough to have an operable tumor in the upper lobe of my left lung, and surgery was successful. However, at my quarterly oncology checkups over the last two years, small spots had still appeared. They were too small to biopsy, but never went away.

Rick started treating me weekly, by phone, in April 2005 with the following results: my FMS pain went from a daily 8 to about a 3 (on a pain scale of 1-10 with 10 being the worst), my general energy levels went up, and my blood pressure and weight went down. After three months, in July 2005, at my quarterly oncology checkup, my lung spots were completely gone. In October 2005, my lungs were once again completely cancer free!

Last week I had a 6 month check up with my primary care physician, and had no wheezing, my blood pressure was down, my blood oxygen was up, and I’d lost 8 pounds. She couldn’t account for the changes, but I know it was the Tong Ren healing.

During these months, I also read Tom’s books and learned the basics of the Tom Tam treatment methods and how Tong Ren uses the flow of Chi and the collective unconscious. I have even begun to treat some people here in Omaha!

I honestly believe that Tong Ren healing will revolutionize Western medicine and help make all of us healthier creatures on this planet.


Elaine K. Bly

November 8, 2005



In January of 1998 I consulted a physician because I was tired all the time. I was told that I had myelodysplastic syndrome, a rare condition in which the bone marrow does not make enough blood cells for carrying oxygen, fighting infection, and helping the blood clot when necessary. A few months later, I was diagnosed with large granular lymphocyte leukemia, an even more rare blood disease. Both of these conditions are of unknown cause, and there is no established treatment for either of them. With both conditions there is generally a slowly progressive downhill course. The relationship between the two conditions is unknown, and because of the rarity of this situation, the prognosis was unknown.

For about three years my blood tests showed gradual worsening. In early 2001 I was fortunate enough to learn of Tom Tam of Boston and his healing system, and to be able to see him for a treatment. It was also fortunate that assisting him that day was Gene Kitade of Sacramento, who was one of Tom’s students. Within two days of the treatment session I was feeling much more energetic than I had in years, and so I began seeing Gene for treatments once a week in Sacramento, and continue to do so.

During the first year of treatment, my blood situation stabilized, and has shown some signs of slight improvement since then. But more importantly, I have been feeling good, and the quality of my life has greatly improved since I have been receiving treatments. I also pay considerable attention to getting exercise, proper nutrition, and adequate rest, and these factors are also helpful.

But I do believe that my regular treatment, which consists of Tong Ren, Chi Gong, reflexology, and Tui Na (a form of acupuncture type massage) has been the major factor in preventing deterioration of my condition and making me feel so much better and more energetic. There is no doubt in my mind that my quality of life has been very much improved by Tom Tam’s healing system, as applied by Tom himself and his student, Gene Kitade.

W.R. Bryant, M.D.



I am a medical doctor (neurologist) and my 4 – year old son has A.D.H.D. (Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder). One Saturday Seen-yee had to baby-sit him and was exhausted having to chase after him for about 15 minutes. Then she managed to get him to sit on her lap to play “a game”. The game turned out to be Seen-yee massaging him gently at the Tong Ren A.D.H.D. blockage points. After 10 minutes my son sat himself quietly on the floor and started to draw. I’ve never seen him sit still for that long !

I brought my son to two Tong Ren Group Healing Classes. They would choose him to be the first patient so he would calm down and leave the class in peace. It worked both times.

Dr. P. Liu



On Christmas, 2000, a biopsy indicated cancer in my prostate in two places. On Christmas 2001, another biopsy showed cancer in a tumor in my left breast. Several ultra sounds had already shown continual growth of this tumor. The treatment recommended by my surgeon – removal of both breasts, radiation and chemo – meant the immediate end of my livelihood, teaching and psychotherapy. I declined and decided to continue living my life fully, as short as it might be. Then I heard of Tom who was just beginning his guinea pig cancer group in Quincy. He agreed: no surgery, no chemo, and I began weekly treatments with him. Now, four years later and at age 76, my scoliosis is all but gone, the tumor has remained stable and dormant, my prostate PSA remains low and stable, and I have more energy for teaching and therapy than ever before. These are the facts; what can I say -- other than, thank you Tom, thank you, thank you.

Dr. Hilary Bender


Dr. Bender, Ph.D., Th.D. is professor emeritus at Boston U. and on the faculty of the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology teaching research and existential-humanistic psychology.


In April of 2005, I began experiencing pain and weakness in my left leg. I walked 2-3 miles a day, enjoyed hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, and had just joined a gym to keep fit. I thought I pulled a hamstring muscle during my workout at the gym, and assumed it would eventually get better on its own. When a month went by, and my limp was worse, I went to my doctor. After his examination, he determined the muscle weakness was caused by an unknown neurological problem, so he referred me to a neurologist.

After year of doctor’s visits and testing, 5 negative MRIs and 4 positive EMGs, which showed nerve damage affecting my leg, my neurologist told me she suspected ALS (Lou Gherig’s disease). The news was shocking, and couldn’t believe it. This couldn’t happen to me. I wanted a second opinion, so I went to Lahey Clinic’s Neurology Dept. in June of 2006. They had ALS specialists there, and I felt certain, after examining me, they would rule out ALS, and I would have my life back.

After 5 hours of testing and a 2 hour EMG, by 3 doctors, I was told they believed I have ALS. They went on to explain the average life expectancy was 2-5 years, but if the progression was slow, I could have 10. I was in shock, and became depressed. How could this happen to ME? My future, as explained by my doctor, consisted of progressive weakness of my arms and legs, until I was confined to a wheelchair, unable to move, swallow, or breathe on my own. Ironically, my mind would remain in tact. I could not imagine a more horrendous existence. Needless to say, the hopes and dreams I still had for my life came crashing down around me, and life became a nightmare, full of fear and anxiety.

Ironically, I am a Reiki Master, and perform energy healing on others, yet I was in a panic over my own health. When I finally got over the initial shock of being diagnosed with ALS, and began receiving the emotional support I needed from my friends and family, my Hope returned, and I decided I would fight back, and not allow the disease take my life away.. I would do whatever I could to reverse my symptoms, and disprove the diagnosis. I began looking into “Alternative” healing methods, beyond Reiki.

I was already wearing a brace on my left leg, due to “Foot Drop”, and limping heavily. My other leg felt heavy as well, though it was the stronger of the two. I was tired all the time, just from the effort of walking around. I continued to work part time, and tried to stay as independent as I could. I was an avid walker/hiker, but was not able to walk very far anymore, without getting frustrated and tired. My legs were weak, and I feared having to eventually give in to a wheelchair.

Then, one day, my future took a dramatic turn during a routine visit to my chiropractor, Dr. James Barbati, of Randolph, who told me about the Tam Healing Center in Quincy. He said some of his patients were having treatments there, and have had some remarkable healings. I had to look into this! I later discovered, a friend of mine was going for treatments at the Healing Center, and recommended I make an appointment right away.

My first experience at the Center was with Adele, and Tui Na massage. He started the session with Tong Ren, hitting a doll with a hammer. I had no idea what this was all about, and thought it was a bit bizarre, so say the least.. As he was hitting the doll, I suddenly started feeling very warm, and then a “pins and needles” feeling was going across my head and down to my legs. It felt good. Something was happening.

When the Tui Na session was over, I felt even better. Energy was flowing through me, and I felt I was healing. My legs felt “lighter” as I walked out of the Center. Adele suggested I attend the Guinea Pig Classes during the week for Tong Ren, so I began attending Tom Tam’s Monday night class, and having Tui Na sessions with Adele regularly.

After only 4 months of going to the Tam Healing Center, I am able to walk the 2 miles along my favorite Charles River walking path. I danced at two weddings, and can still walk up and down stairs with little problem. I have lots of energy, and feel I have my life back. To me, it’s a Miracle. I made steady progress over time, and continue to feel better. I’m thinking of the future again, because I know I have one. I know I will see my grandchildren grow up, and I can look forward to retirement, not disability.

How can I begin to say THANK YOU to all of you at the Tam Healing Center? You have shown me there is no such thing as an Incurable Disease. The Center offers Hope for the hopeless, and Healing for the incurable and I am grateful beyond words.

Carol Asha



Dear Tom,

I have been to 2 guinea pig classes in Haverhill. Two healer friends I deeply respect had raved about it. I have brought 2 other friends, one with rheumatoid arthritis and one with very progressed cancer, who have both experienced extremely positive results.

When it is my turn in the class, I feel a bit ridiculous saying "I have carpal tunnel" when so many others are fighting such perilous conditions, even though my claim is met with no judgment from the practitioners. My first turn, I felt sensation in the shoulder and then my wrist and hand felt worse, however I said I felt warm because I didn't want any more time spent on my silly little ailment. The next day I felt no pain. It came back the day after that, but over 2 weeks kept getting better until it only occasionally got caught up. I went to the Guinea Pig class again last night, and was almost gone (Now if I can just stop playing solitaire on the computer and irritating it!). I also reinforce the healing myself with Reiki.

The classes are so amazing. I feel such a powerful peace. My palms "ring" with vibratory energy. Driving home in the dark, my vision is extra sharp. My energy is sustainably high throughout the week. I have been losing weight without thought because I have the urge to exercise and my food choices are better! All very cool. I like to think that even though I am not terribly sick, it is helpful that I go to the classes to help boost the healing energy.

Last night I came in late so the woman next to me had already had her turn. Awhile after my turn, she said to me, "Your carpal tunnel healing helped me!" I had noticed she had held her hands cupped, but now they were able to lie flat! She was positively sparkling about it.

Thank you for the work you are doing and the joy, hope, and healing you are bringing into the world!

Yours most truly,
Sharon Wright

March 11, 2007


I just attended a healing session in Sacramento tonight conducted by Gene Kintrade. To say I was impressed was a understatement. I had a stroke 6 years ago September 9,2002 with different therapies which included Reiki, Bowen, Jin Shen Jitsu, Pranic Healing as well as Quantum Touch now Botox Shots to release the paralysed muscles in the left arm. But to actually feel the muscles relax and pain released in less than 30 minutes, to be able to raise my arm higher than my shoulder for the first time in 6 years. To feel like my arm belonged to me again. I wasn't able to hear too clearly so I bought a book called "Tong Ren Therapy" Beyond Acupuncture by Tom Tam they were selling i will read it from cover to cover. Because of what I have seen on Tom Tam's website and excerpts from his books intrigue me. I have been frustrated because I have wanted to do the Qi Gong excercises. Since I was introduced to it 6 months after my stroke. I have only progressed to being able to stand for 10 minutes, but I do feel the energy moving through my body while I try. I will follow through until I can afford to take a class or improve my condition. Thank You for bringing this into fruition.

Paula Williams

April 30, 2008