Interview with Janet & Craig Holmes, Red Sox Annie, Sharon Muln & Rick Kuethe

Pink Ribbon Radio - Bernadette, Host - April 30, 2008 (one hour) Click here to listen.


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The Incurables

A Documentary series on healing called the incurables, highlights a client of Tom Tam. After many different healing modalities tried, the patient Mel Gitchel went to Tom Tam.
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Tong Ren on Fox News

Tong Ren on NBC 7 News


Janet Holmes

Testimonial_Chronic Abdominal Pain_CFS

Sandy Walker - Free from Osteoporosis & Rheumatoid Arthritis

  Hilary Bender - Free from Prostate & Breast Cancer  

Rick Kuethe - Wife free from Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Tong Ren Therapy Guinea Pig Class Conference Calls
Freddie (Fedele) - Weight Loss with Tong Ren
Tong Ren for Animals (1) Marcia Zais
Tong Ren for Animals (2) Marcia Zais

Effect of Tong Ren Therapy on Cancer Cells (Preliminary Study)

Dr. Sprague onTong Ren Quantum Physic and Beyond
Dr. Sprague - Treating Depression with Tong Ren (1)
Dr. Sprague - Treating Depression with Tong Ren (2)
Mary - free from Lung Cancer
Arthur - free from Brain Cancer
Patty - free from Breast Cancer
Jack- Diabetes (II) & Lower Back Pain
Barbara - Multiple Sclerolsis

Douglas - Music, Philosophy & Religion Prof. onTong Ren



Douglas - Tong Ren intergrated with Tibetan Bowls


Richard - Free from Lung Cancer
      Tom Tam in Beijing (in Mandarin)    
High Blood Pressure
Leg Pain
Brain Problem

Lower Back Pain+ Rheumatism + Bone Spur

Numbness in Limbs /
Lower Back Pain
Tong Ren Healing Classes in Hong Kong (In Cantonese)
Nov. 2008 Fatty Liver
Nov. 2008 Clogged Brain Artery leading to poor vision
Nov. 2008 Knee Pain (1) due to Injury
Nov. 2008 Knee Pain (2) TVB accomplice
Nov. 2008 Eml Imbalance / Insomnia
Nov. 2008 Anxiety
Nov. 2008 Eye Infection