Tong Ren For Cancer by Tom Tam


This book contains information regarding the use of Tong Ren Therapy with Cancer. Much of the book is devoted to a discussion of the causes of Cancer as well as the processes and techniques used to heal Cancer. The theory and techniques presented are based on Tom Tam's research and clinical experience backed by eastern and western medical understandings. There is a chapter for each of the more common forms of Cancer (Breast, Lung, Colon, Liver, Ovarian, etc.) where he explains his theory in more detail as it applies to the particular type of Cancer. The book ends with patient testimonials.

(117 pages)



From the Foreward

In my practice, many people wonder how the Tong Ren works on cancer. I am very honest and tell people that I really don't know exactly how it works, but it works, and any student can repeat it as well. I save many lives, and release many patients' suffering in their fight against cancer. To heal more people and help more people who suffer and fight cancer, I must write down my own experience. Only by writing down in a book, can people follow the way and repeat what I am doing.

From the "Causal Factor" Chapter

In order to heal cancer or any disease, it is necessary to form a philosophy. No matter what type of healing, there must be a philosophy to support it. Both Western and Eastern medicine have their own philosophy and method. Religion and faith healing have their own philosophy also. Any healing method that sustains itself and has a history signifies a successful method, and it does not matter whether others recognize its philosophy. Oftentimes the ego can cause argument and deny other religions. The worst wars in history stemmed from religious conflicts. The same is true with medicine, except there are no wars fought; the ego causes conflict among different beliefs. If we could act humbly, keep an open mind, and accept other philosophies, we could save more lives from diseases than the number of lives we have lost in wars. Be a healer, accepting and learning from others, as a means to further development and progress. This is the way that I form my own philosophy of healing.

I derived my cancer causing philosophy from a TCM Chi blockage theory. The TCM theory for healing has yet to be proven and accepted by Western medicine. In fact, my healing system is not real TCM, because I combine knowledge from Western medicine with Eastern medicine. Therefore, my healing theory is between the West and East. Traditional experts of the West and East have a hard time accepting my new theory for healing. Perhaps this happens because of ego, or because of minds that are too deeply rooted in traditional theories. Nevertheless, I prove my healing theory and its result to my patients. The way I find each cancer relates to detecting blockages associated with acupuncture points. In TCM, an acupuncture point is the location of the Chi or energy flow. When the Chi is out of balance, this is considered the root cause of the cancer. When we treat cancer we must open the blockage in our mind before opening the physical blockage by stimulating acupuncture points. This lets the Chi flow freely in the body, and then the cancer can be controlled or disappear.

From the "Reverse Therapy" Chapter

I have developed a new method for healing cancer called Reverse Therapy. Reverse Therapy is based on the theory that an internal physical blockage causes a biological signal problem. If we can open the internal physical blockage, then the biological signal will return to normal. This may be the best way to correct the growth factor in the treatment of cancer, for each cancer has its own physical blockage. Reverse therapy can be used to heal any type of cancer. Western medicine theorizes that the use of drugs can block the biological signal. I have developed a way for opening the blockage to correct the biological signal with Tong Ren, Chi Gong or Tui Na therapy. It is easy to understand and make sense of Tong Ren therapy if you use simple common sense. Tong Ren therapy and Chi Gong therapy internally open the Chi blockages within the body, while Tui Na therapy opens the physical blockage. Both Western medicine and I work on the biological signal, but with different theory and technique.

From the "Prevention and Healing of Cancer" Chapter

There is still no effective way for cancer prevention. The only information we can get from the doctors is how to reduce the risk of cancer. If we believe that diet can cause cancer, following a good diet may lower the cancer risk rate, but cannot prevent it. That is why many nutritionists and vegetarians might have cancer. We may believe exercise can prevent it, but we know of some athletes who have won the Olympic gold medal who have cancer. In China, some of the famous or infamous Chi Gong and Tai Chi masters have cancer. We may complain to the spirit world, yet, religious and spiritual workers cannot guarantee to stop cancer from happening. The mind may cause cancer, but many psychiatrists deny it; they say the mind may be related but cannot say it is a cause. No matter what you believe, there is still no way to prevent cancer. It is a horrible story happening in these modern times!


In the cancer healing philosophy, most of the concept is how to kill and destroy cancer cells. Even in Chi Gong practice, a Chi Gong master believes that Chi can kill cancer cells. Many Chinese herb experiments in the laboratory confirm how herbs kill cancer cells. No matter what new method or new idea, the concept for treating cancer continues to follow the killing philosophy. Many countries and religions no longer believe the concept of a killing philosophy on humans. Can we give up the concept of killing cancer cells? My healing concept is to change the cancer cells back to normal by opening blockages instead of destroying them. To open a blockage, let the bioelectricity flow in the body freely. I call this way of healing cancer Reversion of Cells. Cells can loose their ability to function, yet they can return to their normal function, not just survive, when they have a normal bioelectrical field. It makes sense and it works in my practice.


Do not deny a doctor's work. Surgery is a good technique for removing a tumor but, after the tumor is removed, one needs to change the body's condition to stop the tumor and cancer from coming back again. The chemotherapy and radiation kills cancer cells, but also good cells. After cells are killed, one needs the replacement of normal cells to keep the body functioning normally. Western medicine has a high success rate in cleaning out tumors and cancer cells, but they cannot stop the tumor from growing back, and cannot understand why the tumor and cancer returns. Eastern medicine has a high success rate to rebuild the energy in the body. My healing system has a high success rate in opening blockages that prevent the cancer from returning and correcting the body's condition. In my treatment for healing the cancer patient, I use a combination of systems for the best results.

Change of lifestyle and opening blockages are the best ways to prevent and heal cancer. A happy life and good mood can result in a good brain signal, but do not forget the brain needs good circulation as well. The other thing required to copy a tape is energy from a proper electrical current. In our body, similar things happen; to copy a good cell, good energy is needed. This is the Chi, this is the activation energy, and this is the most important part missed by research. Therefore, after the doctor's treatments, I always advise patients to have a treatment to open their spinal nerve blockage to prevent the cancer from recurring. It is not easy to tell a patient to use my way to prevent or treat cancer. The medical community does not accept my way, and I do not have a medical degree or a Ph.D. Unfortunately, cancer patients rarely listen to what I tell them after their cancers have gone.

From the "Breast Cancer" Chapter

Prevention is most important, but there are no known treatments proven by Western medicine for the prevention of breast cancer. However, treatments done in my clinic seem to reduce the risk. In my practice, all women who have breast cancer or cysts have one thing in common--a blockage in the T4 area. Most have a blockage on the same side as the breast cancer. In the T4 area, we can see a puffing or skin marks such as a mole, rash or dots. T4 in my healing philosophy is a Chi passageway to the breast, and controls sweat glands, hair follicles and any type of skin problem including skin cancer, melanomas, and psoriasis.

My healing way to reduce the risk of and heal breast cancer is to keep T4 open. The easiest and most effective way is to use the Tui Na massage technique. In addition, exercises such as Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga or any type of stretching to the T4 area is valuable. Even the use of a massage machine on that area to open blockages is good. The major causes of T4 blockages are poor posture when typing, doing computer work, holding the telephone, reading, carrying, or even lifting weights. Another blockage point is BL9 on the right side of the brain. In my theory, BL9 controls bio-energy and is the passageway for bioelectricity.

From the "Colon Cancer" Chapter

If we want to effectively prevent colorectal cancer, the first thing we need to do is keep intestinal functions normal. Using proper diets from the West or East are one way to keep the intestines working easier and healthier. Medicines and minerals can heal the problem temporarily but do not treat the root of the problem. In my healing system, any large or small intestine functioning problem means a blockage around the T11 area. So far, diet, medication and exercise aren't enough to help digestive problems such as colitis and Crohn's disease, or constipation, conditions which cause inflammation of the lining and wall of the bowel. But in my healing system using any technique to open the blockage will make the digestion problem disappear. So my belief system for colorectal cancer prevention or healing is, we must pay more attention to opening blockages than diet and exercise. Of course diet and exercise are important, but in the digestion system, I believe the opening of blockages is more important.

From the "Lung Cancer" Chapter

It is very clear that western medical researchers focus more attention on external factors that may cause lung cancer. But in true life, many cancer patients might state they never smoked, their houses do not have any air pollution or radon and asbestos, and their families do not have any history of lung disease such as TB or lung cancer, so why and how do they get lung cancer? This is very confusing for experts and patients alike. In my practice, I have found one thing in common with all lung cancer patients. All have a common blockage point in the T3 and T6 area. T3 in my healing system and in TCM is the lung energy point. If this point has a blockage, the autonomic nerve cannot pass the biological signal to the lung. This can cause the lungs to go out of order. T6 is the diaphragm, if the diaphragm is out of balance, its function will be out of order also. This is the internal factor that can cause lung cancer. If medical researchers do not pay attention to the internal factor, they may never find out the real reason for the occurrence of cancer. To research lung cancer with T3 and T6 is simple and wouldn't cost a fortune, but to accept a new concept is very difficult and may cause sorrow for Western medicine. In fact, Western medicine uses bronchoscopy to find tumors or blockages. We use a thumb to find blockages in T3 and T6, which may relate to lung cancer. Both look for a blockage occurring from the disease. It would be nice if we could combine our knowledge.

From the "Liver Cancer" Chapter

To treat liver problems, I use Chi Gong therapy and suggest the patient practice Chi Gong. At the same time, I combine acupuncture with Tui Na to open the T9 area. Pi Gu (i.e. Chi Gong fasting) is important to use for the treatment of liver cancer. When a patient goes into the Pi Gu state, the digestive system will get stronger. When I practice Pi Gu on patients, most of them can feel the Chi charge and the liver and stomach move. This is from the Chi healing effect.

Vitamin intake should be stopped because many vitamins are toxic. Over-dosage of vitamin pills can cause cancer. The liver's function is to detoxify the body. If we add more toxins, the liver will work harder. It is not easy to advise patients to stop the use of vitamins and minerals because many patients are brainwashed through advertising. We should advise patients who want to use dietary supplements for liver problems to consult with their doctor, instead of relying on advertisements or listening to others. I see many people take vitamin or mineral supplements "just in case;" this is a dangerous misunderstanding.

From the "Leukemia" Chapter

Tong Ren is the best treatment for leukemia, but many patients doubt that the Tong Ren treatment can help to heal this disease. We apply the Triple Warmer theory for the Tong Ren treatment using the laser beam on the doll at the Middle Warmer point CV12 or ST21 on the right side. Before the treatment, we should observe the patient's complexion. Most patients are pale. After two to three minutes, the face color should turn red, indicating a flow of Chi and the blood functioning. During the treatment, the patient should have an overall feeling of relaxation and warmth. This means the blood and Chi are moving within the body. If the patient is weak, after ten minutes of laser beam directed to the Middle Warmer, we can turn the laser beam to the Lower Warmer CV6 to charge the Lower Dantian with energy. Sometimes we can use the hammer to stimulate the BL9 and T1 on the doll. This technique can open the medullar and cerebellum area, which is the passageway for the bioelectricity.

From the "Ovarian Cancer" Chapter

There is no conclusive evidence for the cause of ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is the sixth most common cancer in women. It ranks second among gynecologic cancers in the number of new cases each year, and it causes more deaths than any other cancer of the female reproductive system. Medical research has found some of the high risk factors involved, but most cases of ovarian cancer are not explained by any known risk factors. It is important to know that while high risk factors increase the odds of getting a disease, it does not guarantee it will occur. Smoking is one of the risk factors. The birth control pill can be a risk factor , but recent studies indicate that the pill is preventive for ovarian cancer. If a patient has her first child after age thirty, she has a slightly greater risk of developing ovarian cancer than if she had her first child before age thirty. Whatever the risk factors, none undoubtedly cause ovarian cancer. However, according to my healing system, a blockage at Lumbar 3 (L3) can be linked to ovarian cancer.

In the winter of 1997, I was giving a seminar to an ovarian cancer support group at the Lahey Clinic in Massachusetts. There were eleven ovarian cancer patients in the seminar, and I checked L3 on each one. I found L3 was a common ashi point, since all the patients had pain in the L3 area, and for most of them, the pain was on the left side. I have since checked all my ovarian cancer patients, and all of them have a blockage at L3 when I test them. In my healing system, L3 correlates to the ovary for women and the prostate for men. In fact, all of my male prostate cancer patients had an L3 blockage.

From the "Other Types of Cancer" Chapter

Any type of cancer must have a causal explanation. If we cannot find the reason, it is because our knowledge still does not reach the range. In my healing system, each type of cancer must have a common blockage point. We cannot explain exactly what a common blockage point means, because no one is interested in or willing to do the research. I know it is too early for people to accept what I am doing. I tell all my students the research is not in my generation. Some day someone will do the research, and in that time my healing system will become popular. Without scientific study, we only can say it is experience. Many healing systems in the world still stay at this experience level as I do. Even the Western healing system has many occurrences that cannot be explained scientifically and only can be categorized as experience. In daily life, many people need scientific research and documentation, and would rather die than try a method that is only related through life experience. However, there are many other people who do not need proof, they just care about the results. The major philosophy in my cancer healing is based on a blockage causing the cancer. In any cancer treatment, if we can find the blockage point and open it, the situation of cancer will change right away. To find the blockage, we should understand the bioelectricity and biochemistry theory. Bioelectricity is from the brain, connected by the nervous system. The medulla is the connector between the brain and the spinal nerves, and the cerebellum is the regulator of the medulla. Therefore, for any type of cancer we must check the BL9 and GB19 area first. The blockage in this area may be caused from C1, however, "just in case" we should check the same side of C1 to open any blockage at BL9 and GB19. Even people who have brain tumors may have blockages on BL9 and GB19. We find that in different areas of the brain, whether the tumors are benign or malignant, the major blockage is from C1 and C2. C1 covers the top of the head, the part covered with hair. C2 covers the frontal lobe area. If a brain tumor patient has movement problems, it is from the motor cortex, which is connected to C1. If the patient has lost memory or has speech problems, C2 is causing the function problem within the frontal lobe. When a patient feels there is an eye problem, it is C3. If the tumor is big or multiple, it may cover all of the syndromes, and then we can check and open C1 to C7.