New Hope On The Horizon: Healing Stories From Tom Tam


A collection of stories from patients of Tom Tam's who have been healed through the use of his healing system. These stories serve to provide hope and support for people who are dealing with Cancer and other life changing conditions.

(158 pages)



From the "I Want To Go Back To Work" Chapter

(from a patient) ...So in seven months I had spent a total of 12 weeks in a hospital of one kind or another. Along the way I was seen by the following doctors: 1 General Practitioner, 5 Pulmonologists, 3 Oncologists, 1 Dermatologist and 1 Psychiatrist.

And I went to Yale for a consultation on NK cell illness. I have had a platelet cell transfusion and just about every antibiotic known to man. The problem was that I was still sick and it did not look like I was going to get better.

The day before I first went to Tom I was on Oxygen for about 16 hours a day. Doing mild exercise dropped my saturation levels to 82 to 84% without oxygen and with it, only 95%. I had just finished twenty days on two different antiobiotics, ten days each. And was no better. I used a cane to walk around with and could only walk about 110 feet before I was exhausted. I was taking 16 pills a day; ten of these were different mediations.

After seeing Tom for the first time, I have not had to use my oxygen for any reason. The swelling in my feet and thighs disappeared. (I had been taking medication for three months to get rid of the water causing swelling, nothing worked.) The swollen look around my middle went down about three inches and I was able to see my feet for the first time in six months. The next day at exercise class my saturation never dropped below 92% without oxygen. Over these last five treatments my life has changed in the following manner.

1. No oxygen needed
2. Weight has stabilized
3. No more cough of sputum
4. Now down to four medications a day
5. Energy level and outlook a thousand percent better
6. Platelet count is 125,000. This is higher than it has been all this year. The last count was 47,000 about 30 days ago.
7. Numbness in my hands and feet are almost gone.
8. Pain in my back due to the fractures has just about gone and I don't need pain medication.
9. All of the rash has disappeared.
10. Hand tremors are starting to get under control.

From the "I Don't Believe It" Chapter

"I don't believe it!" Kevin says with an excited smile. "Tom, I want to tell you some good news." His excitement is irrepressible, and it makes it difficult to continue speaking.


Kevin is still in an excited state. "The doctor took X rays and the report is back." Excitement again stops his speech.

I shake his hand and hold it tightly. "Congratulations. I know you are doing good."

"In the picture, it shows more than 80% of the cancer has gone. My doctor was so excited, he tells me that he does not believe it." Kevin's eyes reflect his new hope.

"Did you tell your doctor that you came to see an acupuncturist?" I ask him.

"Yes. One of my doctors believes in holistic medicine, but the other one doesn't. Yet none of them can explain why the cancer cells are more than half gone after only one session of chemotherapy." Kevin's speech begins to slow down.

"Do you remember your doctor called you Super patient because your blood count went back to normal after only one week of chemo? That is something no one can explain. The only thing you did extra was my treatment," I said.