For The Love of Nature - Poetry - by Tom Tam


"Tom Tam has devoted his life to healing and poetry is his latest expression of that healing (from the foreward)." This text contains 34 poems written by Tom over the course of a year. They offer a flavor of the seasons within which they were composed as well as insight into the presence of nature which supports and nourishes us.

(94 pages)



Rainbow and Cricket

The rain has stopped,

Rain drops shimmer

And reflect the sunset.


The mild wind carries

The fresh air with cool moisture,

Every thing is silent in the wind fields.

Hiding in the grass,

A cricket is sounding its voice,

No one knows

If it is happy or sad

Attracting its lover or wandering.



A rainbow is crossing the horizon,

It is like a colorful silky belt,

Connecting the great earth and sky.

Oh! What a wonderful glory a rainbow is!

A great phenomenon from the Creator.

Its many colors can be seen clearly,

Its energy can be felt internally.


Darkness of the night is coming soon,


Nothing can last forever.

The rainbow has dimmed slowly,

Its image is still in the memory of the sky.

It will be remembered.


Darkness of the night is coming,

Yet, the lonely cricket

Still makes the same voice,

It seems to be dreaming of the rainbow,


No matter if it is lost or in love.

It has no past to repent,

It has no future to brag about.

Just making the same voice,

To break down

The silence in the wild field,

'til the sun rises.